Thursday, 16 June 2011

getting to know me

this is just a little way for people to know more about me, i won't be offended if people don't read this because.... well it won't be that interesting but i can't sleep and can't think of what else to do >.<

okay so here's the basic stuff:
Birthday:April 6
Blood type:A 
Height:155 cm ( yes i'm really small )
Weight:Secret ;P 
Hobbies:Anime, Reading, Shopping for cute things, Video games, Drawing, Purikura 
Favourite brand:PUFFY, Pretty&Cute, Liolele, Yukiumi, I'Musia, Gatsby
Perfume:Harajuku lovers

okay so i've been into the whole gal style for a long time but never had much confidence in the way i look and thought i had to be some sort of super duper confident person who didn't give a damn what people thought. Recently i started to dress like how i am today and the 'transformation' took awhile (mostly because my boyfriend at the time didn't seem to keen and i really took a lot of his comments to heart) but i have to say i'm actually happy with how i look not 100% by any means but happy ^-^ 
i guess you could say i'm fake looking seeing as i wear circle leneses, eyeashes, nails and also wear hair extensions ( i really don't suit short hair ) but really i like it so that's all that should count right??

collection of my gyaru magazines so far 

I'm actually a very shy person and i find it very difficult meeting new people i never know what to say so i generally just stand there not speaking which is probably more awkward than if i did say something!!! ¬_¬ but oh well, there aren't many people that are able to make me come out of my shell which is why i'm very thankful for the friends i do have they are all very special to me remember its quality not quantity :P

I don't listen so any english music >.< which might surprise people, i love jrock both oshare and visual kei and kpop it might be weird that i don't listen to jpop but i just find kpop better in my opinion ~ i love a lot of bands so instead of creating a MASSIVE list i'll just share a song i've been addicted to recently :]
i wanna be one of those drummer kids ~ Takanori Nishikawa is smexy ^o^

I think an obvious thing about me is i am a huuuuuge geek not in a clever way ~ i'm not at all smart if grades are anything to go by. But i love reading manga ( obviously ) and fantasy novels, something with violence, magic, set in medieval times maybe and a prophecy and i'm happy :3 Garth Nix is one of my favorite authors definitely check him out!! Also i love love love anime i'm always constantly watching some kind of series but i watch a large variety of anime from elfen lied to ouran high school host club ~ if anyone knows any of anime that i might enjoy tell me :3
two of my favorite things kuroshitsuji and kouki from D=OUT

I'm a big fan of RPG and beat em' up games so really i have a lot of final fantasy and tekken games although i do prefer soul caliber to tekken the move ability is better ~ i know in a previous blog post i raved about a certain game ( golden sun ) so i'll keep this part short ;] bottom line final fantasy beats everything
final fantasy 10 is my all time fave ~ and yes i do cry at the end T^T

yup i have to wear glasses for reading now probably because i was a little excessive and damaged my eyes >.< obviously these aren't them though

Hmmmmm.... next thing i guess would be cooking. Only a couple of months ago i kinda found out i quite like to cook ( mother is very proud ) i'm not great or anything but it is edible ^-^ i only cook healthy foods because when i was younger i was kinda chubz and went on a extreme diet and lost a load of weight but now i can't eat certain foods like chips ( not eaten them in 3 years maybe ) 
one of the best things i cooked : udon noodles, smoked salmon and salad

I like to keep my diet as healthy as i can i do believe that you can eat what you like so long as its in moderation. Cookies are my biggest downfall i would happily eat a whole packet so i try not to buy them but make them instead and hopefully that way i'll be the one in control mwahahaha >:3 
one day i hope to be able to make a yummy bento like this ~ nom

An other thing is that currently i'm teaching myself japanese, it is hard self teaching finding the time to actually sit down and study -.- but its something i really want to do and i have motivation ~ so far i've been using a ds game called my japanese coach which has been amazing especially for getting the right speech and accent. Also Jlist ( japanese online store ) have very helpful text books and amazon is great for great books on self teaching ~ one day soon i'll be fluent fighting!!! >w<

Okay so i think i'll leave it at that i hope it wasn't too boring for anyone who did make it to the end and if you did.... well thankyou