Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Random Photo Dump


I noticed that i've been pretty inactive on here here (yet again!!) TT^TT
but here are some random photos that i had on my phone that i thought i would share with you guys, kinda shows i'm alive and stuff haha 

had an addiction to coffee and french toast 

pulling silly faces while waiting for video to buffer

my dog being a stalker

coffee addiction continues.....

my other dog being a cutie 

visited my family, with my baby sister 

and baby brother, he took this picture of us >.<

my pinkberry combination ~ it's delicious

new phone case <3

had an unhealthy day mmmm pizza 

my dog appearing out of nowhere and scaring me like always -.-


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Japan Holiday - Haul


So here i finally am with my haul from my holiday (stopped being so lazy and took pictures of everything).
I'm not including any make up i bought because i didn't buy that much and i don't think a picture of lipbalm and some eyelashes would be that interesting >.<

That being said on with the haul items ~!!!

This is the only clothing i got from Liz Lisa. I was a little disappointed with the selection that was available in the actual shops :/ but i love this romper although its not anymore, i turned it into a dress because well i realized how inconvenient rompers for for toilets and stuff >.<

I can't remember what the name is of the shop i got this top from but its right next to Igini in Shibuya 109 if that's any help.

This shirt is from Igini and has hidden shorts underneath.

Shoes are also from Igini.

I didn't have any flat shoes with me so i got these in Shibuya 109.

Got these just from a random shop in Harajuku.

Also from Harajuku.

Again from Harajuku. Its kitty godzilla!!!!!

This shirt is from Ank Rouge. They had so many nice things there i could of bought the whole shop!!

Here's a close up of the collar, its a tiny bow ~ adorableness ^^

This necklace is also from Ank Rouge and was from Charli as a birthday present as well as the shirt above, she knows me so well haha. Thank you Charli.

Make up bag from Sanario shop in Shibuya.

Random shop in Shibuya 109.

Random shop in Shibuya 109.

Shop in Korea Town. I think you guys can tell i really love earrings right?? ^^

SHINee's Misconceptions of You album from Korea Town. 

Got the Jonhyun member card.

His signature on the back. I have no idea what is says :s

Jang Keun Suk photobook from Korea Town. I spent aaaaaaages fangirling over his section of the shop i felt sorry for poor Charli but not really haha.

But i mean how can a person be this cute one minute


And then BAM!!

So sexy *O* how is it possible for one person to go from one extreme to the next, must be something your born with i guess.

I think this is the last post i'll be doing from my holiday, only taken me 3 months to finish it. I really am a terrible blogger ;^; 

Well i shall leave you all with a photo of Jang Keun Suk after shower time ~


Monday, 10 June 2013

Japan Holiday ~ Studio Ghibli Museum


Firstly let me just apologize for how late this post is, i've had it as a draft for ages but entirely forgot all about it >.< and as promised here is the next post of my holiday and sharing my visit at the Studio Ghibli Museum ^-^

So before i actually left for Tokyo i had already booked my tickets through a company who books and sells the tickets for you because foreigners can't do that once they are in Japan. I'm don't really know why that is but if you are planning to go make sure you book the tickets about two weeks in advance before you leave so it all arrives in time.

The journey was pretty uneventful, i took the train and i think it took about an hour or so to get there from where i was staying in Jimbotcho.
Once i got there i was handed a map of the museum with explanations of the different rooms and a ticket for the cinema.

Information leaflet

inside was a map of the museum ~ i thought it looked pretty

Throughout the day they have screenings of unseen small films that you can't see anywhere else!! The one i saw was about Mai and the Catbus it was seriously cute >.< all the films are shown at random so it depends on what day you go to which film you'll get to see.

My movie ticket, had stills from Arietty

After that we headed around the different areas of the museum like the projection room and workshop type rooms i wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the museum :( but the rooms kind of describe themselves. The museum itself felt more like a very large house to me rather than the museums i'm used to, it kinda had a homey feel to it somehow.

Anyway so i ended up exploring outside and i'm glad i did even if it had started to rain at that point because i found this guy 
He looks so sad :'(

And me standing next to him ~ so freakin HUGE >.<

Also found the cube thingy from Laputa but i couldn't activate it <.<

Here's some more pictures that i took around outside~

Pretty much the whole building was covered in ivy like this

Lots of the doors and windows were stained glass which were from all the different films, not sure if you can see but this one was from Princess Monoke 

I almost walked past here without noticing all the soot sprites jammed in, they don't look too happy haha >.<

Here's some things i got in the gift shop for myself~

Some postcards from some of my favorite Ghibli films but i wish i'd gotten more now :/

And i couldn't say no to getting my own JiJi plus i love cats ^^

I could have easily of bought more but decided not to as my suitcase was already looking over filled >.<
All in all it was a really great day and i'm sooo glad i went because who knows if i'll ever be able to again. If you are a Ghibli fan like me i definitely recommend going you won't be disappointed. (^_^)b

Sorry if this was quite a wordy post and not enough pictures but i'll try to make up for that in next post.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Japan Holiday ~ Food


This is going to be my first post about my holiday in Japan and I decided to start off with food just because its easier and probably the most amount of pictures I did take were of food >.< 

So yeah just some of the foods I had while I was in Japan it's not much but some I either forgot to take pictures of or I already ate them haha. Looking at all this yummy food again is really making me miss Japan T^T the majority of food out there is super cheap but still tastes amazing!! 

I'll be doing more little picture posts like this I think of my time in Japan and maybe do a haul post?? I'm not sure because I feel like I didn't get that much (my suitcase wouldn't allow it -.-) 

I think the next post will be about when I went to the Studio Ghibli Museum but I'll probably talk a lot more about my experience there ^-^