Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bournemouth Road Trip

Recently i just spent last weekend in Bournemouth with Charli, Tobi and Tom at Tom's house for some early friend/xmas celebrations  ^-^ 

After a 5 hour drive, yes 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: because of  all our pit stops for coffee milk and other essentials we arrived and had curry for dinner which Tom had made from scratch apart from me i had pizza >.< because i am extremely sensitive to even a little spice ~ kills me every time :'( 

Then we all took in turns opening our gifts from each other ~ i think everyone liked what they got 

one of my presents from tom & tobi  

Then on the Saturday we all went into the town to browse through the shops and also to meet up with my friends Chris and Sam who me and Charli hadn't seen since September!!!! so it was really good to see them again and to catch up 

Me and Chris managed to convince everyone to go to the beach even though it was freezing cold mwahahaha so evil >:3 but look how pretty it looks at night  

So after making everyone cold it was a good time to have some dinner at Wagamamas ~  here are some pictures of what i got, i always get peach tea whenever i can its sooooo yummy ^-^

On Sunday it was more of a chill out day as me and Charli were leaving later that evening ~ but Yamii came round it was nice to see her again and we all had fun times playing soul caliber although we did all sound like football spectators while playing o.o 

tom's puppy pongo in his santa outfit
 This is probably going to be my last post for this year so i just want to wish every one a merry christmas & 
happy new year ~ 

my family xmas tree ~ so traditional looking ><

Ja Nae ~ until next year ^-^

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Shopping in MK

A few days ago i went to Milton Keynes shopping center with Charli and Tobi with the hope of getting the rest of my Christmas shopping done......however that really didn't happen as i haven't been to MK for many years and though shop wise it was good back then it isn't now -____- 

But i managed to take some pictures ~ forgive me for the blurryness of them but my wrists/hands get weak in cold weather and couldn't hold that damn thing steady >.<

cupcakes for breakfast ~ i had the top right one 
 We went into the disney store to look at cute things and also to find a Christmas present for my baby sister ~ i found a cute simba hat with matching mittens which super soft and furry i had trouble with sizes because she is one year old now but small like me >.< only had two different sizes 0-6 months or 6-12 months obviously she should be the last one but it looked too big and would you believe it actually fitted me perfectly!! i must have a small head heh 

6-12 month baby hat fit me perfectly ~ wtf

chillin' in waterstones manga section <3

Went to Yo Sushi for dinners, it was Tobi's first time eating there but i think he liked it :) me and Charli go eating there a lot ~ i felt like a fatty after too much foods 

my favorite!!!! nomnomnom

proof i can use chopsticks >:3

all of our bowls & plates after we finished

i love coffee ~ coffee for desert yes please!!

Seriously the shopping was so bad apart from the HUGE superdrug store none of us actually bought anything every interesting ~ But i did get a cute bling bling piggy ring from accessorize and these shoes from house of fraser for cheap they had a huge sale on ~ happy emi ^-^

i love wedge heels ~ they wintery looking right?? :)

Sorry for such a long post and again for the amount of blurry pictures ;_;

See you next time ~ Ja Nae 
waves (^_^)/

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Recent Buys#1

Here's just some pictures of some things i got recently that i thought i would share with you guys ^-^

my twinny Charli has the same in white >.<

this isn't that recent i actually got these rings from the mcm expo in october  

I still haven't got these shoes yet still stuck at customs :'( its because there from Hong Kong and apparently loads of fake UGG boots have been coming through so my poor shoes have got caught up in all that too ~ hopefully i won't have to wait too much longer ¬_¬ 

SHINee Key socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clearly the best thing i got :D i have all the other members too but because Key is my bias obviously his socks look the best :P Also the loverly lady from ebay who i ordered the socks from threw in some hair bands & another pair of k-pop socks which i think is a Beast member but i'm 100% not sure all for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

oh yeah here is a picture of me wearing that lace hoodie ~ it looks sooooo nice on the other picture didn't really do it justice -___-

That's it for now but i have a few shopping trips coming up soon which i will be sure to post about has all the shopping centers are full of xmas decorations and also i'm going down to Bournemouth with Charli & Tobi to stay with Tom for a couple of days for our own xmas celebrations ~ i can't wait >w<

Ja Nae ^_^