Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Years

Yay to my first post for 2012 >.< 
So on new years eve me and Charli were invited by our friends Chris and Sam to a party at the W hotel in Leicester Square and i was incredibly nervous after seeing what this hotel looked like ~ sooooo posh looking and because we were put on a guest list whaaaaat??!!!! haha

Anyways i had a good time even though i'm not exactly a party person  and it was nice to see Chris and Sam again ~ doing our silly old man dances :P 
Here our some pictures from the night 

camwhore in the toilets with Charli

HUUUGE mirrorball  
The getting home part was a bit of an ordeal, trying to find an underground station that was actually open -.- and there were a lot of perverts prowling my bum got grabbed (;___;) but at least i got home to m cosy bed which i did not leave the next day haha

i don't have too many new years resolutions but annoyingly one is the same as last years -.-
1. to get a full time job ~ i got made redundant yet again at the end of November and haven't had any luck yet , but i did manage to have work all through last year even if it was just temping. Just hope i will find something soonish.
2. cook more ~ i actually quite like cooking ( so long as it doesn't take very long to prep/cook ) but i would like to maybe 'master' 2 or 3 dishes instead of me just making something up and it turning out ok ^_^.
3. me and Charli are working on setting up an online shop and i just really want it to do well enough to be kepted going and who knows maybe it will end up tying in with resolution no1 ( i can only hope heh ) ;)

i hope everyones start to the new year gets off to a good start :)
until next time 
Ja Nae