Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hair Change???

Okay so i'm kinda at a loss with my hair at the moment -.- and I only got it done a few weeks ago *sigh* 
Basically my problems are this ~
1: I got it cut into an Asian mullet = really short layers
2: I have no red tones in my natural hair colour 
3: My glue in extensions decided to fall out after a week!!! 

So yeah i dunno what i'm gonna do with it maybe shave it all off mwahaha >:] all I know is that I want it long which is why i wear hair extensions but if there going to be falling out like this all time its really not worth the money.

I'm thinking of getting my hair dyed like this 

Its really a wig which i borrowed from a friend one day because I was having a major bad hair day and woahhhh I've never gotten so many compliments the POWER of wiggys are AMAZING ^-^ 

I used to have my hair this colour but I didn't keep it too long because when it faded it looked soooo bad -.- and too lazy and bad at dyeing my own hair and my hair dresser is always super busy T^T but i think this time i'm gonna give it another try ~ missing orange hair too much >.<

Oh and I won't be giving up on extensions completely I'm gonna go back to clip in's and get a 3/4  wavy wig seeing as my hair is so naturally straight I can't even make it wavy ¬_¬
Anyways please let know what you think and if you might have a better idea on what you think i should do :3 

Random engrish i found on my lip gloss the other  day ~ made me laugh 

Ja Ne ^_~