Saturday, 27 April 2013

Japan Holiday ~ Food


This is going to be my first post about my holiday in Japan and I decided to start off with food just because its easier and probably the most amount of pictures I did take were of food >.< 

So yeah just some of the foods I had while I was in Japan it's not much but some I either forgot to take pictures of or I already ate them haha. Looking at all this yummy food again is really making me miss Japan T^T the majority of food out there is super cheap but still tastes amazing!! 

I'll be doing more little picture posts like this I think of my time in Japan and maybe do a haul post?? I'm not sure because I feel like I didn't get that much (my suitcase wouldn't allow it -.-) 

I think the next post will be about when I went to the Studio Ghibli Museum but I'll probably talk a lot more about my experience there ^-^