Saturday, 10 November 2012

MCM Expo


So I went to MCM Expo again in October, getting to spend four days with my closest friends was just amazing!!

Unfortunately because we were all so busy I wasn't able to take much pictures ~ but here's what I did take.

I wore this on the Saturday, just a simple school type inspired outfit. I just wore normal clothes on the other days nothing special.

Me and Charli camwhoring while waiting for the guys to get ready for dinner >.<

Charli and Vincent's 'non cosplay' cosplay

We went to a Korean BBQ restaurant one night. It was my first time trying Korean food, I ordered dumpling soup (I can't remember the Korean name) because I was freezing cold and it was delicious!! I can't wait to go again and try out more ^-^

Also I worked on the 5th November for work because there was a bonfire/fireworks event going on, I was able to watch the display as well and they looked to pretty.