Thursday, 22 September 2011

Recent Buys

Just gonna show you guys some picture of some stuff i got recently ~

First off yummy noms!!!
Left to Right: chocolate pocky, ice cream sundae pop tarts, morigana milk caramels, soft cookie oreo's & gilca strawberry biscuit flavoured white choclate
I got the pocky, pop tarts & gilca chocolate from CyberCandy while i was in Brighton visiting my dad, step mum & baby sister. The mik caramels and oreo's i got online ~ all gone now TT^TT *sigh* only have a few of the caramels left *sniff sniff*

wagamamas special ramen i got for lunch while in brighton n_n

Next up mini haul from PinkyParadise
Left to Right: dolly wink lower lashes in real nude, tony moley tomatox mask, candy doll in strawberry milk, gossip brown circle lenses, free fishy contact lense case, candy doll in ramune pinku & eyelash applicator

Aaaaaaand lastly...... ICO ~ JaJa
I got because a friend recommend it to me as one of the best rpgs o.o and i've been getting back into playing my PS2 so i decided to pick it up ~ was so cheap too >w<
I have already played it a little but i don't want to get too into it yet i wanna finish final fantasy 10 first nyahh ;P

I will do another post soon showing off the new lenses i hope they look nice & blend well with my natural eye colour ~ have heard lots of good things about the gossip series don't let me down >.<

Oh and if your wondering why i bought the eyelash applicator.... i want my lashes to go on more smoothly i get glue all over my fingers ~ such a pain grrr and i fail when i try with tweezers dunno how i must be special .____.

Ja Nae ^-^