Saturday, 13 July 2013

Japan Holiday - Haul


So here i finally am with my haul from my holiday (stopped being so lazy and took pictures of everything).
I'm not including any make up i bought because i didn't buy that much and i don't think a picture of lipbalm and some eyelashes would be that interesting >.<

That being said on with the haul items ~!!!

This is the only clothing i got from Liz Lisa. I was a little disappointed with the selection that was available in the actual shops :/ but i love this romper although its not anymore, i turned it into a dress because well i realized how inconvenient rompers for for toilets and stuff >.<

I can't remember what the name is of the shop i got this top from but its right next to Igini in Shibuya 109 if that's any help.

This shirt is from Igini and has hidden shorts underneath.

Shoes are also from Igini.

I didn't have any flat shoes with me so i got these in Shibuya 109.

Got these just from a random shop in Harajuku.

Also from Harajuku.

Again from Harajuku. Its kitty godzilla!!!!!

This shirt is from Ank Rouge. They had so many nice things there i could of bought the whole shop!!

Here's a close up of the collar, its a tiny bow ~ adorableness ^^

This necklace is also from Ank Rouge and was from Charli as a birthday present as well as the shirt above, she knows me so well haha. Thank you Charli.

Make up bag from Sanario shop in Shibuya.

Random shop in Shibuya 109.

Random shop in Shibuya 109.

Shop in Korea Town. I think you guys can tell i really love earrings right?? ^^

SHINee's Misconceptions of You album from Korea Town. 

Got the Jonhyun member card.

His signature on the back. I have no idea what is says :s

Jang Keun Suk photobook from Korea Town. I spent aaaaaaages fangirling over his section of the shop i felt sorry for poor Charli but not really haha.

But i mean how can a person be this cute one minute


And then BAM!!

So sexy *O* how is it possible for one person to go from one extreme to the next, must be something your born with i guess.

I think this is the last post i'll be doing from my holiday, only taken me 3 months to finish it. I really am a terrible blogger ;^; 

Well i shall leave you all with a photo of Jang Keun Suk after shower time ~