Saturday, 11 February 2012

Too Much Spare Time??!! o_O

I've not had much to post about as well.....nothing very much as happened :s and i've been finding myself with A LOT of free time ( mostly from not having any luck in getting a job -.- ) 
I suppose i shouldn't complain too much and enjoy this time while i have it because as soon as i do manage to find myself a job i rarely seem to take time off & am immune to getting ill!! ( touching wood ;P )

And so this is what has been taking up the majority of my time ~

Started watching 'Eden of the East' anime which i got for xmas 

Kind of been rotating between these games ~ completed ffx again ( and cried again T_T ), ape escape is so much fun to play although.... " damn you monkey!!!!!! get in my net sajfhdjkghdfkh!!! <------ my shouting >.< & persona 4 which i do love i do but the amount of leveling you have to do can be tedious especially when you just want to continue with the story :/
Oh and my shoes finally got released from customs!!!! ahhhh so happy when they arrived, they are super comfy BUT i will never buy from that online store again after such a hassle D:

I added the leopard print bootie cuffs onto them ~ looks cute right? :3
woke up to this the other day ^^ 

Sorry this post it a bit all over the place and doesn't really have much to do with anything >.<  hopefully next 
time i will have much more interesting things for you all :D

I'm gonna leave you all with a song i've been re-addicted to ~
Ja Nae *waves*