Monday, 31 October 2011

Oct Expo Weekend

Went to London over the weekend for the mcm expo with my best friend (seme) Charli. With the plans of meeting up with Tobi who I hadn't seen since last expo in May!!!!! >.< 


First off we went to London photo sticker club as Charli had a customer later that day and literally 2 minutes off being there Tobi arrived ~ I think I actually ran and hugged him hhaha 

Me & Tobi ~ we always manage to look like a couple in photos >.<

outfit shot

Some of the purikura I did with Tobi, Tobi' s boyfriend Tom & their friend Yamii

Tom & Yamii had to go off where to sort out their hotels and drop off all the luggage, so me and Tobi decided to go the japan centre as I hadn't been before plus I forgot my toothbrush >.< 

So  I ended up buying popteen's new issue and Tobi got men's egg bit of a funny story with that hahahaa ~ 

Tobi: " Look I got charged £2 extra for my free gift and all I got was these fucking doorstops!!!"
Me: "Ummm Tobi those are insoles.........."

Anyways as you can imagine I am never gonna let him live it down & immediately told all or friends MWAHAHA I'm such a good friend :P
So after that we went & chilled out in Hyde Park for awhile eating some taco chips I bought which are OMG AMAZING!!! and just general catch up 
Tobi's doorstops
food from Friday night ~ didn't feel that hungry so only ordered some miso soup & tuna wrap thingy 

Saturday I actually went to Expo but I didn't buy that much or spend too much inside where they sell everything ~ I actually had much more fun outside hanging out with my friends & some cosplayers 
outfit for Saturday ~ i do have shorts on underneath my dress ;)

nails I wore for the weekend ~ 

camwhoring in the lift from Tobi & Tom's hotel ~ Tom did sujimori to my hair but you can't really tell from this pic ¬_¬

Purikura before dinner ~ ^___^

It was so hard trying to find restaurant in Chinatown that wasn't full but finally Charli & Tobi manage to find somewhere ~ my feet were seriously hurting by this point from walking in heels 2 days straight!!!!!! D: 
Our waiter was really sweet but he did forget my order twice -.- I was hungry by the time it came I didn't take a picture I gobbled it up instead hahaha ~ I am a piggy :P
took this of Tobi & Tom while waiting for food to arrive ~ don't they make such a cute couple love them both very much 

Sunday was more of a relaxing day as we had to check out of our hotel & couldn't stay in London too late ~ 
So we all met up in Chinatown as Pink Marble were doing a met & I had recently joined we all went haha. I 
was soo nervous not really knowing anyone & the fact all looked amazing >.< but they all seemed really 
lovely ~ don't have the purikura pictures from the met as I forgot to give my email

But again we did some group purikura :P

 mine & Tom's idea for decoration hahahah ~ best pic of the weekend
We all look so in love heh <3

Yamii took a picture on my camera while we were waiting for our pictures to be printed ~ she is so DAMN PRETTY!!!! she totally reminds me of CL ~ so jelly!!

Also as a memory of our weekend Me, Charli, Tobi & Tom all got matching custom bracelets

this is my one ~ lol at the hair dye stain >.<

This is KenChan & Tobi (in KenChan jacket)  ~ looking like they belong in men's egg 

KenChan is the stall owner were we got our bracelets from ~ he really is very sweet and wouldn't let us pay
for any of them so I left some money on the side before we left for home ~ so sneaky haha

That's everything I can think of the happened over the weekend ~ it really was amazing to spend time with
people I love and honestly feel like I have made some friends for life <3

Ja Nae ^__^

Friday, 21 October 2011

Hair Update

I've been meaning to do this post awhile and finally managed to do it!! The its taken sooo long is because I decided to change the colour last minute haha >.<

So this is how my hair looked before....
......its looking quite gingery ash here but it looks similar to my natural hair colour which is a light VERY ash brown

My hairdresser actually advised me that I should strip out all the colour in my hair as I had a pretty bad build of dye 0.0

After colour had been stripped with a strawberry blonde dye put on as a base colour (I did let my hair rest awhile after all this for a few weeks before I did anything else to it)

This was a few week after and dyed it a medium auburn brown ~ also i'm wearing a 3/4 wig piece but I didn't get along with that well phooey -.-

Then I realized I was missing my hair went it was sorta ombre styled buuuuuut a bit different ^_~

Me with old ombre hair ~ bahhhh this puri is so old from feburary of this year!!! 

Also after seeing this picture of Nana I was determined to ombre again ^^

And here is my version
Sorry for the really poor quality of this picture but it was taken at night time and the flash on my camera hates me TT^TT ~ I am wearing hair extensions they are soooo lovely and soft but they are a bit shiny so might spray some dry shampoo over them to see if the reduces the shine (^_^)b


I thought I would try my hand at decoing <---- is that even a word :/
In all it only took me 2 hours and I didn't get frustrated with it at all!!! Normally I can't do anything fiddly due to my clumsiness >___< I actually found it really therapeutic ~ feeling very proud of myself haha

Also I finished watching the Ouran High School Host Club drama ~ only 11 episodes *sigh* 

Weirdly I thought I looked like a boy here ~ taken before bed time

Somehow I managed to wink I don't even know how!!

Until Next Time ~ Ja Nae ^_^

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Autumn Wishlist

Yay Autumn is here!!!! ^^ its my favorite season apart from the fact it seems to have given me a cold ¬_¬ its lasted 3 weeks so far and won't go away D: ~ I really have no immune system at all (;_;)
moe Autumn picture :3

I've been browsing through a lot of websites for some cosy clothes for the new season ~ aaaaaand i found LOADS seriously buying all this will kill my poor debit card  >_<

Unfortunatley I just noticed a few of these items are now out of stock ~ why??!! TT^TT ~ and I still can't decide which colour WC knitted top to get ~ I love my knitwear i'm such a granny at heart.

Must get those Liz Lisa boots though ( determined!!! ) 

Ja Nae ^_^

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Gossip Brown Circle Lenses

So I did say that I would post up some pictures of my new lenses and I've been feeling like I've been neglecting my blog abit I felt like doing now haha ^^

But first I'll show you a picture of the lenses the gossip brown ones were replacing ~
R.I.P Super Geo Nudy TT^TT ~ 

Buuuuuut jajajaaaaa!!! I'm loving the gossip brown ^o^ very good choice indeed 

As you can tell these aren't as dark as the nudy ones but I think that's what makes them blend so much more easily with my natural light green eye colour ~ although I do like the dark eyed look (so much more dolly looking >.<) 

Here is the product info on these lenses incase anyone else wants to try the gossip series 

Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

I think that's enough pictures of my face for one post ¬_¬ so here is something I did at work the other day ~ I am a very busy worker yes yes ^^
I doodled whilst thinking of design ideas for a drop card ~ its kinda work (excuses excuses....)

Ja Nae ^_~