Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Autumn Wishlist

Yay Autumn is here!!!! ^^ its my favorite season apart from the fact it seems to have given me a cold ¬_¬ its lasted 3 weeks so far and won't go away D: ~ I really have no immune system at all (;_;)
moe Autumn picture :3

I've been browsing through a lot of websites for some cosy clothes for the new season ~ aaaaaand i found LOADS seriously buying all this will kill my poor debit card  >_<

Unfortunatley I just noticed a few of these items are now out of stock ~ why??!! TT^TT ~ and I still can't decide which colour WC knitted top to get ~ I love my knitwear i'm such a granny at heart.

Must get those Liz Lisa boots though ( determined!!! ) 

Ja Nae ^_^


  1. I love minimaos!! super kawaii ^^ I want the bow jeans so badly hehe
    I created an online community for gyaru lovers

    I hope you will join

  2. Those boots are GORGEOUS!!! <3

  3. @Marie i know right!! i'm just not sure which size i should get :s the measurements are a bit strange ~ i will deffo check it out^^

  4. @Tobi mhmmm i need them :P