Thursday, 8 December 2011

Recent Buys#1

Here's just some pictures of some things i got recently that i thought i would share with you guys ^-^

my twinny Charli has the same in white >.<

this isn't that recent i actually got these rings from the mcm expo in october  

I still haven't got these shoes yet still stuck at customs :'( its because there from Hong Kong and apparently loads of fake UGG boots have been coming through so my poor shoes have got caught up in all that too ~ hopefully i won't have to wait too much longer ¬_¬ 

SHINee Key socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clearly the best thing i got :D i have all the other members too but because Key is my bias obviously his socks look the best :P Also the loverly lady from ebay who i ordered the socks from threw in some hair bands & another pair of k-pop socks which i think is a Beast member but i'm 100% not sure all for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

oh yeah here is a picture of me wearing that lace hoodie ~ it looks sooooo nice on the other picture didn't really do it justice -___-

That's it for now but i have a few shopping trips coming up soon which i will be sure to post about has all the shopping centers are full of xmas decorations and also i'm going down to Bournemouth with Charli & Tobi to stay with Tom for a couple of days for our own xmas celebrations ~ i can't wait >w<

Ja Nae ^_^


  1. cute cute cute!
    I love ur lace top and I love key socks! 8D I would love to have some of taemin, haha coz he's my bias ♥
    btww, u look cute ;D

  2. OMG! can I borrow the first top sometime please?!!! x also those shoes ARE AMAZING! GOD I WANT THEM! <3 and yay for shinee socks :D <3 xxx

  3. @desire i love them too key having key on my feets is awesome *w* haha the taemin ones look really cute too ~ aww thankyouu

    @Yuki i know right i love them hehe

    @Tobi ermmm maybe depends if it will fit in the shoulders :P yeah i hope they arrive soon stupid customs -.- shinee socks woop woop!!

  4. The rings are so cute! I nearly went to the expo in October but I had exams >.<...

  5. yay for twin tops ^-^ and hopefully those shoes will come soon!>< silly customs x

  6. @MuiMui i especially like the pink octopus one so cute ~ ahhh thats a shame i go to it every year >.<

    @Charli-Honey hahaha tp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah hope so stupid customs stealing my shoes :'(

  7. I love your hair!! Is it a wig? Extensions? *0*

    1. thank you ^^ it's hair extensions :P