Saturday, 19 November 2011

Okarie Inspired Eye Make ~

Ever since I became interested in gyaru I have always been inspired by Popteen model Okarie. She always seems to get the dolly look down ~ so I decided to do a video based on her look as youtube is rather dead due to my lazyness >__< 

so jelly of her 

I did the make up style on the far left ~ of course its only inspired by not the same as whats flattering on her eyes might look silly on mine haha

Oh and here are all the products I used in the video


close of eyeshadows


Ja Nae ^_^


  1. You did a great job ^v^ I also like the colour of your hair

  2. wuaah this look is great.. well done!:) actually i started my blog yesterday and I'm so looking for people following^^ could you check it out? I'Ll follow you as well :)