Friday, 11 November 2011

Smexy Pervings

I think you can guess from the title what this particular blog post is going to be about >.< I was actually joking around with my friend Charli that I would to a post like this as we both *ahem* where perving on various peoples at the time ( seems to happen a lot whenever we are together left alone with a computer hahaha ) 

Anyways on with my recent pervings ^_~

Shin from ViViD ~ he wasn't even my bias but OMG he is just too damn sexy!!!

Takeru from SuG ~ I thought he was too cute until I saw this >.<

Lee Joon from MBLAQ

Aoi Ex Ayabie

Seunghyun from FT Island ~ feel like i pedo he's kinda young -___-

Agatsuma Soubi ~ I don't care if he's not real he's still sexy :P

And now for my ULTIMATE perving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Park Tae Joon better known as the 'ulzzang lengend'

seriously I am unable to go on yesstyle without checking out his brand of clothing ( ABOKI )

I'm gonna wrap this up before I nosebleed everywhere!! D: 
& leave you all with this video of SHINee playing in a swimming pool ^^

I promise to do a real post next time ~ just waiting on some orders to arrive & I will do a recent gets post :)

Happy Pocky Day ~

Ja Nae ^o^ 


  1. Most of these guys are on my bias list LOL especially Lee Joon~

    Park Tae Jun is so cute~ have you seen that Flower Boy shares Company programme with him Park Ji ho and Lee Chi hoon? it's like the gayest thing ever but they are just so cute as a three.

  2. sames >.< but ever since i watched mblaq idol army seungho has become my bias

    yeah i have they are all so funny together ~ but your right its totally gay especially their shower & bath scenes ;P

  3. oooh park tae joon just has the cutest puppy facee :33 <3


  5. @Nana i know he is just too cute can't believe he's 26 o.o

    @Tobi i knew you would like that haha :p i have loveless on dvd we should watch it together some time & perv hahaha ^_^