Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Golden Bomber

I came across the new Golden Bomber pv 'Boku Quest' and OMG i swear they just get funnier and funnier although there is a WTF moment (kenji's penis attack....yea O.O) this song is also being used as the opening for yu-gi-oh, really miss the old series of that :[
this is just part of the video ~ can't seem to find the full version :/

It's kinda weird because i seriously remember playing a game exactly like this on sega, i don't know what its called because that was years ago i was probably around 10 years old >.< but the way kiryuuin shou is playing is same as i do heh :3
I heard that they are doing some shows in france soon i'd really love to go seeing as france isn't that far not really... well compared to japan anyways :P

Well if i don't get to see them live this time, i will someday ( i hopes ) i bet their even funnier live >w< 

Ja Ne ^_~

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