Saturday, 23 April 2011

london adventure :3

so yesterday i went shopping with my best friend charli and her lil brother max (well not so little he's taller than both of us >.<) ~ went to the usual places camden, leister sqaure and china town etc. for once it was nice weather normally i have no luck when it comes to that either extreme windyness, rain or both so yays for the shiny sun ^-^
                            me and charli at the purikura booths in china town ~ love it there <3

i manage to buy soooooooo much but i'm really happy with everything i got and still had quite a bit of moneys left over ~ no regrets :3
from left to right : chocolate panda biscuits, pineapple bread & ham onion sesame seed bread ~ all of this has already been eaten nomnom :P

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