Friday, 29 April 2011

golden sun : dark dawn

i have been waiting for this game for 7 years!!!! :o after having played golden sun & golden sun : the lost age ~ aaaaaand i completed it a couple of days ago YAY!!! at first i couldn't believe i'd finished it, felt like it ended so fast T^T but looking back i remembered all the quests and traveling around i did in it and woah there was so much ~ i guess it felt like it was over quickly for me because i couldn't put it down hahaha :P

i really do love these games a lot, i think that i would have to say my favorite because i do re-play them lots and never get bored ~ the story is soooo good and its always left open at the end so you can expect a  sequel ( i really hope there's a sequel to dark dawn >.< )

                                                  the artwork is sooooooooooo pretty
                                            you can actually do this in the game ~ super cool :3

now after talking about this game i feel like playing it all over again ^-^ *goes to re-boot ds ~ yay golden sun ftw!!!*

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