Sunday, 15 May 2011


so i recently got my first ever wig, i'm really happy with it it's sooo loverly and looks exactly like the picture. I got it from yesstyle (a website i frequently shop at >.<) and the brand was claires beauty who not only sell wigs but extentions & hair pieces too for various prices (my wig cost £50.70 which was the highest price on there)
i showed my mum and she said that i didnt look like me i'm not sure if thats good or bad lol

the main reason i got it was for the London MCM Expo in may since me and charli decided we would go all out gyaru, not that we don't dress like that anyways but due to work i don't feel like i have that much opportunity to and it will be much much easier to achieve seeing as i won't have to buy a special outfit or make up i can just use what i already have ^-^ (unlike last october going in gothic lolita ~ what a mission ¬_¬)

another reason i really like this wig is because it reminds me of jessica's hair from girls generation (SNSD) in the oh mv ~ i don't think i look like her though, maybeee the fat ugly version hahaha 

still really undecided if i suit blonde or not >.<
i don't why o.o ~ helloooooooo duck face

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