Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Xiu Xiu

Sorry for lack of posts recently and I don't even have a good excuse *sigh* anyways this is just a bit of  filler post until some deliveries come that I can share with you all \(^_^)/

Some people might not have heard of Xiu Xiu so for those of you who don't the easiest explanation I can think of is that its a Chinese version of photoshop but better (better for me anyways ^^)
Even though its in Chinese its more easy to use than photoshop because there are icons which are pretty much self explanatory.

I do think its good for people who only are wanting to change lighting, add borders, cute icons etc but for re-sizing of imposing images you wouldn't be able to but its totally FREE!!! 

Here's some pictures that i did some edits to using Xiu Xiu

my favourite edit so far

glasses make me instantly look smarter  ><
I just thought I would share this with you all in case you are like me and only want to make the lighting look more flattering rather than completely changing your appearance :P

I shall be back soon with some outfit shots and new products, just waiting for everything to be delivered heh

Ja Nae


  1. XiuXiu is freakin' awesome! Very cute pictures!


    1. i know i love it >.< thank you

  2. I love XiuXiu! Your blog is so adorable, loving the rilakkuma background. :)



    1. me too ^-^ ahh thank you i have an addiction to rilakkuma :P

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  4. You're sooo pretty! I like your makeup! :D


  5. super cute.. i can´t downloade it on my computer -cry>.<
    but i like your blog going to follow it now :D


    1. ah that sucks :/ thank you i really appreciate it ^^