Tuesday, 22 May 2012

TaoBao Haul


After months of browsing through Taobao I finally decided to make an order and to be honest it was much easier than what I thought it would, since I had to go through a shopping service ( I went with TaoBaoSpree ) and I couldn't of been more wrong!! They got back to every email within 24 hours, were super polite and there English was probably better than mine >_<
Everything was done efficiently and the shipping was the quickest I have ever had ( so far ;p ) with absolutely no problems with customs which is a relief, also the shipping costs were cheaper than my expectation which is always good. (^_^)b

Anyways enough with the talking and on with the pictures haha.

off brand I think :s
I have been really into the whole preppy style of clothing lately , the bow tie is removable ( so cute) and on the buttons it has a school crest.

Liz Lisa

Ank Rouge

not sure on the brand but I have seen it featured in some past magazines

Liz Lisa ~ it says 'all you heed is love' haha

Liz Lisa
I got this bag because my old backpack that I use as a weekend bag and such if i'm staying over someplace was falling apart and well I couldn't go wrong for £3.

off brand

Liz Lisa
I did order this in the white version but this seems like a pinky peach sort of colour to me not that I mind though its still gorgeous!! 

And this is what everything came in, I'm not kidding every inch of it was covered in tape!!! D: it took me forever to get into it -.-

Also I just want to say that everything is fake/inspired brand not the real thing ( I can't afford real Liz Lisa *cries*) you can pretty much tell that from the labels, which is fine by me because it is much cheaper by A LOT even with the shipping costs and honestly you wouldn't be able to tell by looking its not the real deal :)

Anyways I will be doing some future outfit shots hopefully soon but I won't promise anything because i'm not too great on updating >_<

さようなら ~ (^_^)/


  1. i love taobao! i spend hours and hours on that site haha
    cute haul~ i especially love the backpack!

    1. same!! then i email myself all the links of the stuff i like >_< aww than you its really good size as well ^^

    2. haha omg i email myself the links too! :'D
      id like to order some stuff but im just a bit unsure since the postage/service fees seem a lot e__e;

    3. aha i'm glad i'm not the only one :P
      yeah i was the same way but taobaospree's service charge was 10% i think ~ my shipping was £39 but that's mostly because i got a lot, next time i'll get less lol

  2. thank you for the review!!!
    I want to make a taobao order soon ♥

    all the stuff you bought is lovely *_*

    1. your welcome ^^
      you should do i really recommend it (^_^)b

  3. Hi, I really love that first set/dress! It's so cute, I really want something just like it, but I don't know how to find it on Taobao T-T Lovely clothes!

    1. I think I came across when I was looking a Liz Lisa items but I can't remember the name of the seller sorry >_<