Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Small Update ~ Hair Change


I noticed recently that I haven't made a blog from maybe a month or so ago >.< I'm sorry about that but not a lot of exciting things have been happening or I have forgotten my camera when they do -__-  happens more often than not *sigh*

Anyway just a small update on things, i'm not sure if anyone noticed but I changed my blog a little so I hope you like it (^_^)b

Now on with hair pictures ~ !!!!!

I tried to get an accurate picture of the hair colour but because its such a dark brown it often just looks black in most pictures ^

I really like my new hair I think it makes my complexion look a lot more flattering, I just hope the colour doesn't fade as quick as when I had lighter hair >.< It's still a weird getting used to a darker shade but so far so good ^-^