Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Beauty Haul


I recently made an order with Cosmetic Love which is online store selling lots of Korean brands of skincare, make up etc. I have ordered from there before and received quite a few freebies along with my order which was a lovely bonus ^_^ and although it was free shipping it did take three weeks to arrive. So imagine my surprise when I got my package in just over a week!!!

So here's everything I got ~

 Decided to buy this after trying out a sample, I love it!! I had been using a peeling (removing dead skin cells basically) wash off lotion from Lioele which is also good and great for my sensitive skin but this one from Skinfood leaves my skin feeling extra squeaky clean.

I thought this would be a good investment as although my daily cleanser does a good job of washing the bb cream away at the end of the day I wanted to try something that was created for bb cream users. Didn't think I could go wrong with one from Skin79 as I use Skin79 triple orange bb cream :p

I've been eyeing up these eyeshadows from Etude House for quite some time I finally decided to get not one but two!!! (almost got three haha) I just love the packaging its so cute!! Also the colours are gorgeous and shimmery, I'm probably going to get the other three next time >_<

Also from Etude House. I thought it might be wise for me to start using some sort of anti-aging moisturizer or at least one that helps with elasticity. I actually only ordered the face cream (bigger tub) but I was given the set instead I guess they were priced the same or something but just makes me even more happy to get extras .The other two pots are a serum (tall pot) and eye cream (short pot) I look forward to using these babies.

Next up these are all the free stuffs I received also.

 Mostly face packs, masks and some pore strips which I like to use if I'm staying away from home, also got a Tony Moly cheek puff (too cute to actually use >_<) an apple earphone jack accessory and pamphlets from Etude House and Skinfood.

Shinee was featured in the Etude House pamphlet, I presume because of their line within it. There was a really cute comic strip in there of Minho getting sunburn with Jonhyun saying he should always use sunscreen like him while Taemin advising that Minho should use Aloe or Watermelon as they have cooling effects. Everybody listen to Taemin's words of wisdom!! haha. For some reason though I couldn't get a decent picture of it but oh well *shrugs* 

And here is a close up look of the apple ear jack accessory thingy, I don't own an iphone so I'm not sure what to do with it ;^; maybe I'll put it on my boyfriends iphone, not sure he would appreciate it but I might just sneak it on so it can look cute hurr hurr.

I didn't buy this from Cosmetic Love but it kind of fits in with this post.

Just a case to keep make up wipes from drying out, which as always been a bit of a problem for me :( I got this from Yesstyle awhile ago and so far its works amazingly also included some Hello Kitty wipes which I've not yet tried as I want to finish my usual Johnson's ones first. 

I will be sure to let you all know how I get on with these products (^_^)b



  1. i need to invest in some more face wipes, i recently ran out e___e

    the etude house eyeshadow is soooooo adorable omg *u* that packaging is just too adorable~

    just curious about where you got this stuff from, is it a shopping service or an online shop?

    1. i just love etude house packaging its always super cute ^-^ everything is from cosmetic-love.com apart the hello kitty things which were from yesstyle ~ nope its all from online shops.

  2. Looks like you got some really cute things! I wish i had money to spend on amazing cosmetics ;(

    1. yep i'm a sucker for cute packaging haha ~ i did save up a little just so i could get everything at once >.<