Thursday, 6 September 2012

CD Gets


I've recently been able to slowly start purchasing stuff off my wishlists lists again (yay!!) so I decided to start off with ~ here's what I got.

ViViD Infinity and The Gazette Toxic albums :)

I have been dying to get my hands on ViViD's new album for ages!! I was surprised to see the Ko-Ki member card and that he was on the disc because I only got the normal edition. I would of preferred the Shin member card (bias :P) but Ko-Ki is a good second haha (^_^)b

Even though summer seems to have been brief here I purchased some false 3d toenails, sounds disgusting but they make my feet feel pretty and I got a good nail polish to match them.

Please excuse my feet but I felt like sharing >.<



  1. oooh nice buys! I really need to start saving for the things i want, i always end up giving up and buying something cheaper.

    1. yeah i'm kinda the same, somehow i managed to restrain myself from giving up :)

  2. Your toenails are super cute!! I like ur blog. following <3