Saturday, 29 September 2012

Eyelash Haul


I went a little bit crazy on selecting some new false eyelashes, which I was desperately in need of (I blame ebay).

Lets start with the upper lashes ~

From left to right: Jumily No 4 sexy cat, Eyemazing Mizukitty No 303
I think i'm going to use these lashes for more dramatic looking eyes even though the Jumily lashes are natural looking they are a lot denser compared to other natural cat eye style lashes.

From left to right: Eye Love Matsuge 003 bambi eye, Diamond Lash Little Wink Series secret eye
And these i'm going to use for more of an everyday look (when i'm not feeling too lazy to wear lashes >.<) the Eye Love do look a little more dramatic but they are a lot shorter than the Jumily and Eyemazing ones but still able to make a nice daytime dolly eye look ^^

Here is a close up of my eye make up ~ I'm using the Eyemazing lashes as my top lashes and using the shorter half of the Dolly Wink No 12 feminine eye as my bottom lashes (the criss cross style).

This is a selca I took wearing the same eye lash combo as in the earlier pictures, kinda strange how it doesn't look as dramatic in this sort of angle :s



  1. Oh wow those uppers look amazing! ^^

    1. yeah i'm pretty impressed with them so far :3

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