Saturday, 1 December 2012

London Shopping with Charli


Its really been a long long time since I went shopping with my best friend Charli, so we can kinda fit in everything for that one day to make up for not having the time earlier >.<

So yeah there are quite a few pictures that pretty much sum up the day :)

We headed to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford to get our remaining Xmas shopping done (well that was the plan haha) First thing we made sure to do though was get some Starbucks coffee, it was very much needed to keep me going for the day.

 Then we headed into Chinatown as we hadn't done a purikura together since February!! Also there is a promotion on there at the moment and all the purikura machines are half price, that's the reason for two sets ^-^

We were pretty hungry by this point and decided to go to Suki a Japanese restaurant because Charli was suffering with a cold and we both agreed that Suki had a better selection of ramen which would be best for someone with a cold, I dunno that was our logic anyways >.<

And then for our desert we finally went to the Haagen dazs restaurant in Leicester Square. We got waffles with cream, one scoop of praline ice cream and one scoop of caramel ice cream to share even though this is only meant for one person o.o 
It was really delicious I hope to go back again soon and try out the other deserts because they all looked so yummy!!

Also went to The Japan Centre in the hopes of finding Popteen and Egg magazines but no luck :( so I decided to buy Fool's Mate purely for Vivid's Shin on the cover, I know its said never to judge a book by its cover but look how pretty.
That's pretty much all I bought for myself and everything else was Xmas presents for people so I won't show it on here, I don't want to ruin the surprise :P

Oh and when we got back to Charli's car it had completely iced over, I got the feeling sitting inside that this is what its like to be inside and igloo.

That's about everything ~


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