Thursday, 6 December 2012

Rakuten & Taobao Haul


I'm just going to start off by saying this is a collective haul I didn't get it all at once, also this is probably going to be a pretty picture heavy post >.< 

Lets start with Rakuten since I ordered from there first also everything is from DreamV ~
I actually lost the pictures I took of both pairs of shoes but they look the the same as the pictures below.

Got these in the cream version, surprisingly comfy I wore these when I went to London in my last post.

These in black.
I looooove this shirt I want to get more like it, maybe in mint as well, also the pearl/diamond collar is detachable.

Needed some more casual-ish t-shirts, thought this was cute and I don't have many black clothes.

Again love this cardigan it keeps me warm and looks really cute!!

I found the Rakuten ordering process really easy and straightforward although all the emails I received form them were in Japanese and I did end up having to pay custom charges which was expensive. I'm not sure it's because of the time of year or that I was just lucky in the past but I will still order from there because the price of the clothes and shipping was really reasonable. ^-^

Next Taobao ~ I'm pretty sure everything is a replica especially the Liz Lisa stuff.

Liz Lisa. Needed a new jumper especially now it's winter, mostly for around the house, very soft and warm.

Liz Lisa. 

Liz Lisa.

Not sure on the brand. The hanging pieces of ribbon are actually the straps while those chiffon type sleeves are meant to hang around the arms, looks prettier when worn.

Liz Lisa.

Not sure on the brand but the shop was called BonBon.

Ank Rouge. Reminded me very much of the dress/top Hyuna wore in her MV version of Gangnam Style.

And these where some freebies I got too ^-^

Again with Taobao I find it easy to purchase there with a shopping service, although I got hit with custom charges again -.- but it was no where near as much as Rakuten so I felt happier okay paying it.

So that's everything!!



  1. You got some really cute things!! I really have too make a DreamV order one day!

    1. thank you ~ i already made a second order they have too many nice things >.<

  2. Everything you ordered is lovely! I just ordered some things from Taobao, I hope I don't get customs charges like you did. That is bad luck on two orders!(>_<)

    1. thank you ^-^ yeah it was really annoying -.- hopefully it won't be like that next time >.<