Sunday, 31 March 2013

Liebester Award


I got given this award from the lovely Yamii.
And here are the questions she has asked and my answers ^-^

1) If you had one wish that would be granted, what would it be? (aside from more :P)
Probably just to me happy and be able to live comfortably without worries of bills and things, such a boring grown up answer i know but i honestly can't think of anything else >.<

2) What kind of fashion are you into? why?
Hmmm this tough i used to really be into gyaru but nowadays i'm leaning more towards the ulzzang look just because of how simple yet still looking so perfectly done up ~ makes me so jealous T^T

3) Whats your favourite animal?
Oh god i have too many to name but after i watched a documentary on the life of penguins i just fell in love with how adorable and clumsy they are 

4) Are you sad you didn't recieve a letter from hogwarts?

5) what was the most embarrassing thing that'd happened to you this week?
I got into sneezing fit at work and ended up headbutting my arm which hurt because i was wearing a watch and all my work colleges just laughed and teased me about it because i'm the clumsy girl -.-

6) Do you eat your 5 portions of fruit/veg a day? BE HONEST NOW
I honestly try to but its almost impossible on average i eat about 3 portions which isn't too bad.

7) Do you have any pets? 
Yup. I have two dogs and a cat.

8) What's your favourite candy?
Chocolate coated raisins ~ so yummy ^-^

9) Favourite colour?why?
I guess pink but in general any sort of light pastel colours i love especially loving mint at the moment.

10) What is your favourite thing about yourself?
Oooooh that's tough >.< i guess i like my pale complexion because i think it just seems suited to me, even if people tend to think i look ill half the time haha.

11) Tell us a secret ;D
Its not so much of a secret but i swear any kind of sad piano songs make me well up almost instantly D:
And the 11 facts about me

1) I'm really awkward when i first meet people which actually makes them feel awkward >.<
2) I'm probably one of the only English that really hates the taste of tea apart from Chinese tea which is quite nice ^^
3) When i was younger i was a complete tomboy and hated dresses and florals, which i now love its kind of weird how my taste changed that much.
4) I'm going to Japan for the first time in a week ~ ahhhh so excited!!!
5) I still prefer to play my ps2 games compared to my ps3 ones (don't like change)
6) I get bored really easily with my hair style/colour and it used to change a lot but i think i've calmed it down a bit now.
7) I get ID for absolutely everything!!!! Even when i'm at work people think i'm on work experience or something -.-
8) I hate the taste of fizzy drinks because to me it tastes like old pennies >.<
9) I can cook quite well but i'm a messy cook ~ food just goes everywhere, but i always clean up after haha
10) I mostly always feel cold. I went on holiday to Morocco once and just wore jumpers and jeans because i felt so cold, pretty sure everyone thought i was weird.
11) I'm really clumsy i don't even need to touch things without them falling on me or something ~ so yeah i always have few bruises.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a little better and that my answers weren't too boring. I'm going on holiday to Tokyo next week for two weeks so this will be my last post until after i come back.
I will be sure to make some posts about my experience there once i'm back ^-^



  1. :D,Congrats on your Liebester Award^^ :),I love Pastels and Pink as well ^^
    Bye Emi Chan ^^


    1. ahhhh sorry i didn't realize >.< i'll add it in now

  3. #10 ---> Me too! Even in summer ! and it's weird >.<

  4. haha well its nice to know i'm not alone >.<