Monday, 11 March 2013

Recent-ish Buys


Phew it's been while huh?? I've been super busy lately or at least it feels like it >.< 
I started a new qualification/course through my company and arghh feels like being back in school but much harder maybe like university? I never went but I feel like it has a similar feeling maybe.

Yeah.... so anyways these are just a few things I got over the last month or so and thought I would share with you guys ^-^

Yup I'm starting to collect all the kdramas on dvd now so I can watch them without any buffering or ads ^-^
 I absolutely love He's Beautiful/You're Beautiful. I am a HUGE fan of Jang Geun Suk, his face just makes me happy.
I also really liked Heartstrings too I just wish Younghwa could play more up beat, cheerful characters in the future. Oh and of course Park Shin Hye is gorgeous I'm so jelly T^T

Got one of my all time favorite mangas I have no idea why it took me this long to buy them, I have seen the Japanese drama version and I honestly did like it but only for the actors who'd seen in other things and liked previously. Definitely read the manga first and then stay away from the drama because the general story setting is completely different and does seem like a separate thing, if that makes any sense.
But yeah loooooove it so much, it's totally worth a read. (^-^)b  

A new iphone case and puff ball thingy accessory, they look very cute together. 

I have been loving jumpers recently because it is still cold here in the UK and I just love comfy clothing anyway. In the left picture I'm wearing a jumper I got from Rakuten and underneath is a dress I got for Christmas, I think they go pretty well together. In the right picture is a hoodie dress that I got from Yesstyle with the purpose of using it for my holiday travelling wear (the flight is really long -.-) but because its been so cold I've pretty much been living in it and besides its kinda like wearing a really soft blanket haha.

And lastly is the alpro soya milk in strawberry flavour I'm addicted to this stuff since my best friend introduced me to it although I'm its not all that healthy for me. >.<
I can't think of much other things I got recently apart from usual skin care and make up stuffs.

I shall leave you with a picture of my cat being much more photogenic than me.



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    1. thank you ^^ hmmm yes i will try to be a bit more active on here >.<

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